Education and Public Outreach

The Ridge 2000 Program is committed to sharing mid-ocean ridge research and discoveries with multiple audiences in a variety of offerings.

Examples include:

  • FLEXE/GLOBE (From Local to Extreme Environments)
    The Ridge2000 program sponsors FLEXE, an Earth Systems Science project of GLOBE. FLEXE features web-based data-oriented activities and is designed for middle/high school students interested in learning about the deep-sea in the context of their own environment. FLEXE is a four-year project funded by the National Science Foundation and is in final development and testing phase.

  • Distinguished Lecturer Series
    The Ridge 2000 Distinguished Lecturer Series (DLS) bring the excitement of current mid-ocean ridge research to students and faculty at colleges and universities throughout the US, targeting institutions without ocean science programs. At each host institution, Ridge 2000 scientists and engineers present lectures both to undergraduate and graduate students as well as to public audiences to promote interest in the earth and ocean sciences.

  • Media Bank
    Media Bank is an online repository of high-quality images, videos, illustrations and animations, suitable for use within the scientific community and for education and public outreach. The Media Bank is hosted by the Marine Geoscience Data System (MGDS).

Ridge 2000 Education and Public Outreach (EPO), in collaboration with scientists and educational organizations, develops and implements programs to enhance Earth systems literacy and public awareness. Ridge 2000 EPO provides support for scientists engaging in outreach. For further information please contact the Ridge 2000 Education and Public Outreach Coordinator:

Liz Goehring
Phone: (814) 863-6603