Eastern Lau Spreading Center

A back-arc spreading center where both ridge processes and plate recirculation can be investigated

Lau maps

Bathymetric map of the Lau Basin ISS, with locations of vent sites in red circles, constructed with GeoMapApp through the Ridge 2000 Data Portal. The Lau ISS "Bull's Eye" is ABE vent field at 20.76 deg S, 176.19 deg W.

Funded Projects

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Cruise metadata and derived data are available on the Data Portal .

A list of related papers is available in the References Database.


Click for list of all R2K cruises to the Lau ISS. are available.

Additional Info

  • Science Report from the NE Lau Rapid Response Cruise NELRC Cruise Report (32.2 MB, 243-page PDF)
  • Updates and preliminary findings from the NE Lau Rapid Response Cruise (NE Lau Response Cruise)
  • Northern Lau Eruption Response (591 KB, 8-page PDF)
  • Information about the PACINET Program (132 KB, 2-page PDF) that encourages taxonomic partnerships and capacity building in the Pacific Island region
  • ISS Science and Planning Workshop Report
  • ISS Progress and Planning Meeting Report
  • ISS Implementation Plan (755 KB, 11-page PDF)
  • ISS Site Proposal (29.3 MB, 25-page PDF)

  • Integration and Synthesis Oversight Committee (ISOC):
    Peter Michael (Chair), University of Tulsa
    Chuck Fisher, Penn State University
    Fernando Martinez, University of Hawaii
    Anna-Louise Reysenbach, Portland State University
    Meg Tivey, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
  • Site Coordinator:
    Jeff Seewald, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution